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    Shindi rugs – setting the scene with natural-look?3D-weaving

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    The hand-loomed new Shindi rugs from Tribù in subtle, natural shades, create a welcoming eye catcher that brings together your outdoor room.

    The rugs are handmade using a traditional loom and a special 3D weaving technique. Thick strands are woven for a beautifully defined, raised texture – warm, natural and welcoming like the rugs you use indoors.

    Although soft in appearance, the specially coated material we use is extremely durable, meaning Shindi rugs will look and feel great throughout their 20-year lifespan.

    The coating is also water-repellent, making Shindi rugs the ideal choice for pool-side seating, spas or use in tropical climates. Even after rain, the rugs dry rapidly so you can walk on them comfortably with no feeling of dampness.

    Shindi rugs come in a natural colour range of linen, hemp and wengé, shades that instantly harmonise an outdoor setting. They are available in two widths and several lengths and can also be customised on request.

    outdoor rug in natural shades
    outdoor rug in natural shade
    outdoor rug in natural shades

    Shindi rugs blend artisanal quality, subtle colours and specially coated materials to create an inviting and highly durable collection.