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    Natal Alu outdoor sofa
    Natal Alu outdoor sofa
    Natal Alu outdoor sofa
    Natal Alu 1-seater
    Natal Alu outdoor 1-seater

    Natal Alu Sofa

    Natal Alu Sofa


    A subtle frame with curved armrests contrasts beautifully with the volume of the cushions, supported by a weave of wide textile straps. Timeless and elegant, the Natal Alu Sofa is an outdoor sofa that looks great on any patio. With nineteen different modules, two different seat depths, two available frame colours and more than 100 fabrics to choose from, the possibilities are endless. The aluminium frame is powder coated with ultra-durable, UV- and scratch resistant textured lacquer which provides a beautiful matte look. Special attention is paid to the outdoor cushions, which can easily withstand a rainstorm, thanks to the ventilating, water-repellent filling. The seams are protected on the inside with an extra covering and the thread used to stitch the seams swells when wet, further preventing water from entering.


    Natal Alu Sofa Collection

    Natal Alu meridienne

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    Natal Alu X-table

    Natal Alu sofa armchair