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    Natal Alu outdoor dining chairs
    Natal Alu armchairs in white
    Natal Alu loungers
    Natal Alu outdoor loungers
    Natal alu outdoor dining chairs

    Natal Alu

    Natal Alu


    The Natal Alu collection combines functionality with impeccable class and a strong charisma. The straight, angular lines of the aluminium frame contrast beautifully with the curved seat in Batyline? which seems to float within the frame. In 1999, the stainless steel version with teak seat won a Henry van de Velde design award. Today the design is very much in style, although updated with more low-maintenance materials. Batyline is UV and stretch-resistant, dirt-repellent and quick-drying.The aluminium frame is corrosion-resistant and has a lovely matte look thanks to the textured powder coating.


    Natal Alu Collection

    Natal Alu lounger

    Natal Alu easy chair

    Natal Alu outdoor chair