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    Monsieur Tricot outdoor standing lights
    Monsieur Tricot outdoor standing lights
    Monsieur Tricot ambient outdoor lighting
    Monsieur Tricot outdoor standing lights

    Monsieur Tricot

    Monsieur Tricot

    Ilia Eckardt

    Monsieur Tricot is a collection of? knitted and hand crocheted outdoor lighting that will turn your patio and garden into a magic place. The hanging and standing lamps, designed by Belgian designer Ilia Eckardt, merge traditional techniques with high-performance materials and modern technology. Ilia Eckardt grew up immersed in the Belgian fashion scene, alongside his mother Hilde Frunt who knitted prototypes for Belgian fashion designers such as Raf Simons and Dries Van Noten. Fascinated by their world, he started to experiment and created his own outdoor lighting collection which he composed as a family. Meet the handsome Monsieur Lebonnet, the graceful Madame Latoque, the chic Madame Cachet and their nephew Monsieur Ellipse. The Monsieur Tricot outdoor lighting collection is CE certified, meaning it can be ordered in the 28 member states of the EU, the EFTA countries (Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein), Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.?For further technical information please check the collection sheet and the user manual.


    Monsieur Tricot Collection

    Monsieur Tricot hanging lamps

    Monsieur Tricot standing lamps