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    breaking news

    breaking news

    To design your outdoors, you can count on us!

    Tribù is all about ‘The Art of Leisure’. Carefree enjoying the good life outside together with all generations – that is what Tribù stands for.?Today these moments are more precious than ever.?
    That’s why we keep on working hard for you, our customers, to assure that you can go on living the good life outside.

    Our global partner network of skilled professionals is ready for you to design your Tribù outdoor space.




    Living the good life outside, that's the essence of Tribù.

    Belgian, family-run design house Tribù adds discreet luxury and exclusivity to your terrace or garden. Our luxury outdoor furniture is sold in over 70 countries, both in retail as in the contract sector. Enjoy world-class design: a refined cocktail of elegant modernism, distinctive purity and impeccable quality.

    Luxurious, but always discreet.?



    Tribù’s Tao table is a German Design Award 2021 winner

    Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine

    L' Imperial Santanyí

    Setting the scene

    Villa Geba

    Shindi rugs – setting the scene with natural-look?3D-weaving

    Yabu Pushelberg, putting the emotion into design

    Elio, a sunshine story

    Essence of home

    Mood, a classic with new features

    Colour palettes inspired by the beauty and variety of nature

    Apartment 7, Merano

    Let us inspire you...

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